Entreprenuerial ToolKit

Steal All Of My Resources And 10X Your Business

Listed below is my entire toolkit of resources that I’ve accumulated over a decade in business and well over $1M spent.  Steal everything, ask questions, and let’s build your network and net worth.  *Everything listed I’ve had a personal experience with.  - Greg Berry, Hustle Island



Themeforest.com: Build a $20,000 Website For Less Than $20

Themeforest is a marketplace for just about everything digital.  Head over there and find a theme that would cost big bucks for cheap.  They have thousands of these.  Build yourself a site or get paid to build one for a customer.  I have a friend that sells custom websites to local businesses for $5,000+ per site and he buys a $17 site from Themeforest and just customizes it.  I’ve personally generated hundreds of thousands of dollars on sites that I’ve built with themes.


Hostgator:  Perfect Hosting For $3.95/mo

I’ve had a hostgator account since 2006 and have created and hosted hundreds of sites and never found the difference between high priced hosting companies and Hostgator.  If you’re just starting out, Hostgator will be great for you.  Prices start at $3.95/mo


Fiverr: The Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon

This is a marketplace where you can get just about anything digital for $5.  There is real deal talent here and everyone showcases their portfolios as well as public customer feedback so you can search for something you need and go through a ton of providers to find the best suited.  The logo for Hustle Island was created for $5.  I’ve done tons of logos, t-shirt designs, got help for DNS/email issues, built software products, you name it and I’ve done it on Fiverr.  This is your secret weapon against the competition.  Use it!


Upwork: Your Personal Army Of Freelancers

If you need a bit higher level than fiverr, look no further than Upwork.  This is where I get all of my work done, hire freelancers, assistants, designers, and very high-level technical help.  Have a question that only an MIT trained CTO could answer?  Post it on Upwork.

Hustle Tip: Ask a very specific or technical question each time you post a job and you’ll get tons of insight and it will help identify providers with deep industry knowledge and know-how.

Email Marketing:

ActiveCampaign: Serious Email Automation Without Spending Hundreds

Very cheap to start off with high powered automation.  This is the software we’re using for Hustle Island and its automation is comparable to infusionsoft.  If you’re looking to build intricate automated campaigns, sign up and try it out.


MailChimp: Simple Email Marketing Platform

If you want a solid email marketing platform that will get the job and is super cheap to start (you can start with $10 credits and no monthly payment), this is it.


Klaviyo: Grow Your E-commerce Store Through Email Marketing Segmentation

If you want to run a successful e-commerce platform I’d strongly suggest checking out Klaviyo.  I run it for one of our e-commerce companies and albeit a bit expensive it is super powerful and drives a ton of revenue for the company.  Klaviyo hooks into Shopify seamlessly and offers amazing segmentation and automated e-commerce flows.


AutomationClinic: PHD Level Automation For Infusionsoft

Are you using infusionsoft?  If so, Jermaine Griggs is the top dog when it comes to marketing automation and infusionsoft.  You can find him here and get some of his stuff for free.  Highly recommended.


Shopify: Launch a Top Tier E-commerce Site Tonight

I’ve been selling online since 2006 and have tried many platforms including cubecart, zencart, magento, bigcommerce, and then I found Shopify.  Shopify is lightyears ahead of the rest and is the best platform to use when first getting started and while running a good sized business.  Their app store allows you to download 3rd party apps with one click and the world becomes your oyster!  


Recharge:  Sell Subscriptions On Shopify

This is the app we used to run our burger of the month subscription club.  Very easy to use and their support is top notch.


Kit CRM: A.I. Virtual Assistant For Shopify

Fairly useful app that helps you manage your store.  It sends text messages which you can respond and tell it what to do.  It can run Facebook ads, send emails, etc.  Also, each morning it sends a text message with how much revenue you brought in yesterday, which I love to see.


ShipStation: E-commerce Shipping Like The Pros

The best way to print shipping labels directly from your e-commerce store.  Also integrates with clickfunnels!


Printful.com: Start a Legit Clothing Line Tonight

Looking to sell custom t-shirts, tank, posters, socks, and more?  Sell high quality designs directly from a simple shopify page and printful acts as your behind-the-scenes printing and fulfillment center.  It is seamless.  Go to fiverr, get a design, upload it to printful, add it to your shopify store, sell products, rinse and repeat.


SmartMarketer: 8 Figure E-commerce Sharing The Wealth Of Knowledge…

One of the best resources for e-commerce selling and marketing online.  Led by Ezra Firestone, this team generates $20M+ per year selling many different products and they share everything.  


Stripe: The Merchant Account Killer

“Back in the day” getting a merchant account was harder than winning the lottery.  Stripe solved that issue and you can get a merchant account by tomorrow and start transacting business online.  Stripe is super easy to setup and integrates with just about every e-commerce software on the market.  


ChargeBee: Run Your Subscription Business

Need to charge a customer monthly?  I use ChargeBee for our ppc management company as well as a few software products I’ve created.  They provide a nice looking payment form as well as a client dashboard for your client to login and manage their account.  Very functional and affordable.


ClickFunnels:  The Most Effective Money Making Tool I’ve Ever Seen

I believe that spending a few days learning ClickFunnels and consuming all of their free material may be the best option you have right now to change your entire business regardless of how successful you are.  This is a game changer.  I repeat, get on ClickFunnels now before it’s too late and everyone is using it.

If you haven't started a company yet, this is where to start.  It is a drag and drop sales funnel building tool that does it all.  If you don’t know what a sales funnel is, you’re about to discover gold.


HotJar:  Watch What Your Visits Do

This software video tapes what each visitor to your site does.  Every move and you can watch it in real time.  This is extremely effective when trying to increase conversion rates, find where an issue is, and basically see what your customers are doing and listening to the data to improve your website and business.


Swiped.co: Copywriting: Steal From The Pros

If you’re looking to sharpen your sword in the direct response advertising area head over to swiped.co and see “swipe files” from the best of the best that have come before us.  Review actual ads, break them down, learn, and copy their tactics into your own marketing and watch your business explode!


Facebook Ads:  Unlimited Profitable Traffic

If you’re not using Facebook ads to grow your business, don’t worry, it’s not too late.  But, it will be soon.  Facebook at the moment has the best targeting ever seen in advertising as well as underpriced traffic.  It’s a gold mine.

If you’re looking for referrals we have some very good and affordable Facebook ad specialists we work with.  Email me.


Gary Vaynerchuk: The Babe Ruth Of Entrepreneurship

If you think you “hustle” hard and “grind” all day, watch this guy.  He has a film crew follow him around all day while working 18 hours a day and his hustle is insane and his ambitions are crazier.  Gary runs a $150M+ agency and gives away all of his content for free.


Grant Cardone: The Best Salesman On Earth

Uncle G as his fans know him drops gems on his audience daily.  Grant puts out podcasts, videos, books, and has the #1 sales training program on Earth.  If you’re looking to make BIG money online or offline, go check out my man Uncle G!

Get the Millionaire Booklet by Grant.  I listen to it at least once per month and I think it may be one of the best book on wealth building on the market and the audio book is only 1 hour long.


Russell Brunson:  He Will Teach You Exactly How To Make Big Money Online

The guy that started ClickFunnels.  He gives away TONS of free content to promote clickfunnels.  Follow his lead and you’ll make money.  He wrote a book called Expert Secrets and is giving them away for free on the website.  


Frank Kern: The Original Gangster Of Internet Marketing

Want to learn how the best marketers in the world market?  Just sign up for their lists, show interest in their products, and sit back and watch the gems flow through.  The way Frank Kern crafts his emails, offers, positions, angles, etc. is copywriting genius.  He is a master of his craft and merely joining his list will show you some of the most effective top level email marketing techniques ever discovered.


Mike Dillard:  Uses Email Marketing To Generate Millions

One of the top marketers online.  He is the real deal.  Sign up for his list, see how he rolls, watch how he crafts emails, and grab the takeaways.  He has some products as well.  I have not bought any but I have been following him for years and can vouch that he’s for real!


Dan Kennedy: Your Favorite Marketers Favorite Marketer

This old man knows how to sell.  Period.  He gives away some materials, has a bunch of books, courses, etc. and most importantly you can review his sales letters, sign up for his list, and watch him sell.  It’s quite the schooling.


Mixergy:  The Entrepreneurs Podcast

I’ve been a mixergy fan for many years.  Host Andrew Warner is our generation’s Larry King in my opinion.  He interviews high level tech entrepreneurs, gets them to talk about everything under the sun, and extracts information from them for his audience’s benefit, every time.  If you’re looking to grow your business or get motivated, Mixergy is a must have for your toolbelt.


Clarity.fm: Connect With Top People In Any Industry

This website is pure genius.  Imagine being able to directly call one of the top entrepreneurs in your industry or a niche that you’re thinking about entering?  After a quick search on Clarity.fm you’ll see everyone that is available, review their bio, and schedule a phone call.  These calls costs per minute but have been some of the most effective phone calls I’ve ever been on.  Use Clarity to level up.


Dame Dash: Hip Hop Mogul

If you’re looking for the truth about entrepreneurship, Dame will give it to you.  Raw.  Uncut. And uncensored.  This man may just be the ultimate hustler.


Ryan Holiday: Growth Marketer & Stoic

Go signup for his newsletter which is called www.DailyStoic.com.  Each day I get an email about Stoicism and it is a great way to start the day.  Highly recommended.


Tim Ferriss: Damn Near Real Life Superhero

Go sign up for Tim’s newsletter and grab his book, Tools of Titans.  He writes well and goes deep on topics.  Tools of Titans sits on our coffee table and every time my wife or I pick it up we get massive inspiration.


Neil Patel: Get More Traffic To Your Website

Neil is a pioneer and always ahead of the curve.  He shares tons of free content and it’s definitely worth joining his list if you’re looking to get more traffic and grow your online business.


How To Get Rich by Felix Dennis - One of my favorite books by an author who is actually rich and gains nothing by the sale of the book (hint: most people talking about “getting rich” are getting rich by you purchasing their stuff.)


Getting Everything You Can Out of All You Got by Jay Abraham - Jay is the best when it comes to growing your business, period.  It took me 10 years to get into his material but it is actually life-changing.


Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson - One of the best entrepreneurial stories ever written.  


How To Win Friends & Influence People - If you’re looking to be successful, this book should be mandatory.


Principles by Ray Dalio - Very high level book about the principles Ray Dalio used to build the most successful hedge fund on Earth.


Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris - Coffee table book that showcases a ton of successful people.  It’s like a large book of cheat codes for real life.


Anything You Want by Derek Sivers - One of my all-time favorite audio books.  Derek approaches entrepreneurship from a far different angle than most.  He lays out how to build your dream life around a business idea.


The Making of a Blockbuster by Gail DeGeorge - Book about how Wayne Huizenga built Waste Management and Blockbuster, two multi-billion dollars businesses.  This gives you insight on how to build a very large business around simple principles.


The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy - Everyone should be able to write an effective sales letter for their business.  This books lays it out for you simplistically and effectively.


Titan: The Life Of John Rockefeller by Ron Chernow - Very interesting read of the life of John Rockefeller and how he built one of the greatest fortunes the world has ever seen.


The Richest Man in Babylon by George Samuel Carlson (FREE) - Want to get rich?  Start here.


The Snowball: Warren Buffet and The Business Of Life by Alice Schroeder - Learn how one of the richest men in the world built his business and his life.  Very simple and very interesting.


The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho - One of the best books ever written.  This will teach you how to trust the process and believe in your dreams.  You’re on the right path!


The Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda - If you’re interested in the esoteric and spirituality, this is the holy grail.


The Millionaire Booklet by Grant Cardone - Uncle G holds no punches in this super short booklet.  A refreshing blueprint written by a self made hecta-millionaire who never sold a company, invented a product, or developed an app.  Just straight up business and wealth building.  Highly recommended.

Business Brokers:  Treasure Trove of Business Intelligence 

Quiet Light Brokerage: I’ve done business with them, specifically Amanda Rabb.  If you want to sell or buy, talk to them.


FE International: HIghly respected online business broker


BizBuySell & BusinessesForSale.com: Online business marketplace


Flippa: Marketplace for online websites.  

Food Products:

Cornell Food Lab: Bring Your Food Product To Market

If you’re looking to create a food product, this is where to start.


Co-Packers: Send Ingredients Get Back Product

List of co-packers across the USA.

Promotional Products:

WholesaleTshirtClub.com: Stop Paying Retail For Custom Apparel

This is my company and all Hustle Island members will get friends and family pricing.  Custom t-shirts, sweatshirts, polos, hats, etc.  Highest quality since 2006!


StickerMule: The Sticker Source

High quality sticker source.  Also, their website, business model, user experience, and just about everything else is top notch.  It’s worth just visiting the site.

If you’re looking for less expensive stickers, reach out.  We print stickers in-house as well.


DiscountMugs.com: Everything Custom.  Quality + Cheap.

This company dominates the custom goods industry.  I wish I owned it.  Although they compete directly against my company, I have to give them their props and also I buy from them often as their prices are most of the time just as cheap as I would get buying straight from the source.


GotPrint: Where The Promotional Industry Buys Promotional Products

If you need business cards, postcards, or anything else printed, check this site out.  This is where many people in the industry go to purchase.  Very high quality, professional company, with super cheap prices.  Better than VistaPrint.

Public Relations:

Note: I am not a big fan of PR.


PRServe.com: PR For Startups - Only Pay If They Deliver

I’ve hired many PR professionals over the course of my career and Chris and his team at PRServe did a better job than companies that we’ve hired for $100,000/year.  If you’re looking for press in the tech sector, hit them up!


Publicize.co: Effective PR For A Hundredth Of The Price

I have not used this service but have heard the owner speak and they offer some cool freebies.  Worth a look.

Cold Email

QuickMail.io: Fill Up Your Inbox With Leads On Autopilot

If you’re looking to drive leads for a B2B concept, cold email reigns supreme.  Build a list, load up the Quickmail software, and send out daily emails.  This software handles everything and I have personally used exclusively it to build a business to $30k+/mo from zero.

*If you have questions, send me an email.


Dun & Bradstreet: Build Lists Like The Pros

D&B Million Dollar Database costs tens of thousands of dollars per year.  You may be able to get free access from your public library (I use Boston Public Library), school, etc.  Just start searching.  If you get access, it will change your world as far as prospecting and list building is concerned.


List Building: The Key To Cold Emailing

  1. Find a target audience and build a list using D&B Million Dollar Database, Google, Etc. and make sure each has a company name and website
  2. Hire a data entry firm to visit each website and extract an email
  3. Load up the company name and email into QuickMail.io and push send

I have built an all-star list building team.  If you need help, email me directly.

Streak CRM: Full CRM In Your Gmail Inbox

Take notes, send emails later, pop email back into inbox if nobody answers, and many more effective tools for the inbox hustler.  Streak helps me organize tons of incoming leads without ever having to leave Gmail.

Sales Training:

Cardone University: Learn Sales. Make Millions.

I will only recommend one sales training school, Cardone University.  Grant Cardone is the ultimate salesman and provides enough free content for you to improve your skills but if you want to really swim with the sharks, go ahead and sign up for his training program!


AdEspresso: Split Testing Heaven For Facebook Ads

Ready to start split testing every aspect of your Facebook ads?  Adespresso is an affordable solution that let’s you get into the nitty gritty of Facebook advertising with software and tools similar to what the top dogs of the industry are using.


ManyChat: Build a Facebook Messenger Bot Without Tech Skills

Facebook messenger bots are hot right now.  They’re converting like crazy and people open all of their FB messages.  Jump on this now and stay ahead of the curve.


MoneyPages.io: Google Adwords Domination

Have a high volume niche that you’d like to dominate?  Try our system and if we don’t crush your current ppc results, you don’t pay.  After getting schmoozed by one of the top ppc management firms in the game and being severely underwhelmed, myself and a partner created MoneyPages.io.  If you want to take the MoneyPages challenge, we’ll build a landing page using our system, create a campaign, and test our results against yours.  Simple mano y mano battle.  After the value is proven, we manage accounts for a flat rate.

*If you have any questions about ppc, reach out and I can introduce you to our team.


KlientBoost: Great Free Content On PPC

PPC management firm that puts out great free content on their blog.  Worth a look if you’re running ppc ads.


OrionCKB: Advertising For Big Boys & Girls

If you’re looking to grow your company into the multi-millions through profitable advertising, it’s worth a call into these guys.  They handle big clients and have a strong minimum budget (expect to pay at least $7,500 + ad budget per month) and are considered the “big leagues”.  Ask for Alex.


Bing: The Other Search Engine

Many advertisers forget about Bing.  Quick note, Bing still allows you to direct link, which means you can set up ad campaigns and link directly to affiliate products or anywhere else you’d like.  Take advantage.

General Tools:

Grasshopper.com: Phone System For Entrepreneurs

Need a phone number?  Get Grasshopper.  Get yourself a 1-800 number and let people call you and think you’re running a Fortune 500 operation.  They route calls to your cell phone, multiple numbers at once, etc.  Very affordable and effective.


That Voiceover Girl: Call Gerri For Your Professional VoiceOvers

Gerri Murray, a professional voice-over artist, has been doing all of my voice-over for voicemails, greetings, etc. since I started.  She’s the best.


QuickBooks: Handle Your Business

Everyone should be keeping up with their books.  Quickbooks is the most popular accounting software on Earth and their ‘QuickBooks Online’ program is cloud based and affordable.  As you grow and need more professional services, you’ll be happy you started with QuickBooks as that’s what everyone is most familiar with.


Asana: The Best Project Management Tool - Free

Want to manage a team?  Keep a to-do list?  Or track orders seamlessly with a contractor?  Asana is the perfect tool.  I use it for most of my companies and it is very flexible and simple to use.  Try it out!


Freshbooks:  Send Invoices And Get Paid Online

I’ve been a long-time customer of Freshbooks and use it to send invoices to all of my clients regardless of product or industry.  Create a professional looking invoice in seconds, the system will send it to your client, and they can click a green button and pay online.  Very simple and straightforward and will get you paid faster and without hassle.


HelpScout: Simple Customer Management Software

Have a good amount of customer service inquiries hitting your inbox daily?  It may be time to switch out of your inbox and move to a customer management software.  I’ve used FreshDesk and HelpScout and would recommend HelpScout as it has a great user interface and it’s very simple to use.


Gutenberg: Public Domain Books

Did you know that you can do anything you’d like with a public domain book?  Even sell it.  Or use it as a bonus for your customers?  Maybe you can curate a group of books and sell them as a package?  Add public domain books to your hustler’s repertoire.  


Meditation: Your Secret Weapon For Life

I’ve been a daily meditator for many years and am a student of Transcendental Meditation (™).  It’s a simple and effective way to meditate and helps me clear my mind and become more effective and less volatile.

In Conclusion: These are resources that I've accumulated through years in business.  I share them with you with no string attached.  If you can benefit from anything here, great!  If not, no worries! 

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, need help, or would like to add any resources to our list.


- Greg Berry, Hustle Island


*Note: As this site is all about hustling and entrepreneurship please assume that we can be making money each time you click anything on our site.